A Lot of Levity
Harvard Grads Contributed Original, Gut-Busting Content
6 Questions With Craig A. Lambert
15 Questions with Kurt B. Andersen ’76
Mike Reiss at Harvard
Photo courtesy of Mike Reiss
Ted Phillips ’81 (with axe), Pat Verrone ’81 (writer and producer, “Futurama”), Al E. Jean ’81 (showrunner, writer and producer, “The Simpsons”), and Mike L. Reiss ’81 as Harvard undergraduates.
An Interview with Alexandra A. Petri
Ivy Oration Highlights
Timeline: A History of Pranks at Harvard
Their Fair City: “Car Talk” and Cambridge
America's Sweetheart
Photo courtesy of Steve O’Donnell
Twin brothers Mark and Steve O’Donnell serenade porn star Linda Lovelace in 1974, when the Lampoon honored her as America's Sweetheart.
The Better Butter Book
This is Primary Source
Around Town
Harvard References on TV
Inside the Comedy Studio