In this very special year-in-review edition of FM, we rounded up the 2013-’14 trends, events, and people that mattered (or didn’t). We picked the year’s five biggest winners of the school year. We’re sorry you didn’t make the list of biggest winners (unless you’re reading this, Evelynn Hammonds–what’s up?), but we promise you were #6. At least you weren’t one of our biggest losers (shout out to Shake Shack and the Harvard Ichthus).

If you’re more of a visual learner, we hope you enjoyed the year in photos. There were shots of the basketball team, the football team, the crew team, and also non–sports teams, too. They say a picture tells 1,000 words, so you just read more than 10,000. Now get back to your Social Studies 10 reading.

We also hope you enjoyed our more humorous content. We looked back on trends, compared the class of 2014 to the game 2048, compiled the best house e-mails of the year, and listed the alumni we wish had donated a building to Harvard (wouldn’t you want to live in Assman House?).

On a more serious note, we investigated the first generation student experience at Harvard, profiled Alan Dershowitz, who retired earlier this year, and rounded up the year’s best parties. There’s nothing more serious than a good time. Hope it was a good read!

Cheers to the three day weekend,
Libby R. Coleman and Petey E. Menz