As the construction of Leverett House comes to a close, there’s no better time to reflect on all the new buildings that have recently graced our campus. From Quincy’s Stone Hall to the Smith Campus Center, the 2013-’14 school year has seen the architectural philanthropy of alumni with, let’s be honest, pretty bland names. Here are some alumni we’d prefer to see christening a building sometime in the future.

Anders Blewett ’03: Believe it or not, our football team once had a kicker named “Blewett.” This former attorney and current Montana politician certainly has the funds to donate the money, so let’s hope he doesn’t blow it.

e. e. Cummings, Class of 1916: One of Harvard’s most famous literary alumni, Cummings would surely be delighted to see his name grace a building, if only its title were properly stylized.

Sandy R. Berger HLS ’71: President Clinton’s National Security Advisor seems like someone who’d thank his alma mater by donating a building. Additionally, “Sandy Berger” is probably a more accurate and descriptive name than “Annenberg.”

Gary W. Cobbledick HLS ’92: The Cobbledick Café? The Cobbledick Castle? The possibilities are endless.

John D. Johnson ’47: We chose the one who graduated in 1947, but, surprisingly enough, there have been 17 John Johnson’s affiliated with Harvard since the 1940s.

Horst E. Assman HBS ’77: Call us crazy, but “Assman Auditorium” has a nice ring to it.

Increase Mather, Class of 1656: Yeah, Mather House is already named after him, but they clearly picked the wrong part of his name. Increase House sounds way better, plus the Mather Lather could become the Increase Grease Feast.

Thomas Hard ’60 and Richard Harder HBS ’42: Either of these would work, though let’s hope the latter goes by “Richard” and not by “Dick.”

Christian Cocks ’96: We’re guessing this is what Harvard College Faith in Action used to be called before Radcliffe merged with Harvard.


John H. Updike ’54

Dick Hyman Gross ’71

Mary Peniston ’77

Ijaz M. Butt HBS ’69

Tony Crap ’74

Ashish Dikshit HBS ’13