1) Can I eat Insomnia Cookies now? On the one hand, this would mean supporting an institution that refuses to give workers legally mandated breaks. On the other hand, triple chocolate chunk.

2) If I Tinder match with my TF can I message him?

3) Should I feel guilty about not caring about what divestment actually means?

4) Is it wrong to be happy that the national government has been temporarily shut down if it means I can’t get important data necessary for my social studies paper?

5) Can I put “conversant in Spanish” on my resume if I once sat at the Spanish table in Kirkland, but left after five minutes?

6) Would it be exploitative to report that the bomb threat on Monday caused me so much emotional stress that I’ll have to take my final on Friday pass/fail? What about my spring semester finals?

7) Should I also upload my picture of myself with my thesis to Facebook if I’ve already uploaded it to Instagram?

8) If Kenneth C. Griffin ’89 has just donated $150 million to the University to aid students, can I take my cut in the form of five shakers from the dining hall and one of those skin bound books from the library?

9) Can I say that I attended Advising Fortnight even if I didn’t actually go to “The Humanities and Your Financial Future?”

10) Can I post that I got into Harvard Law on Facebook? What if I preface it with a modest thank you to my parents?