Meet the Class of


Beliefs and Lifestyle

Each August, The Crimson surveys incoming freshmen about their backgrounds, academic aspirations, and lifestyles. For the second time, incoming students also answered questions about their experience with the Covid-19 pandemic. Scroll through the interactive graphs and charts on the following pages for a visual representation of the Class of 2025.

Roughly 78 percent of the class responded to the survey. The Crimson did not adjust the data for any possible self-selection bias. Part I of the survey focuses on the makeup of the class, Part II explores academics, Part III examines lifestyle, and Part IV interrogates experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

The results of last year’s survey of the Class of 2024 can be found here.


  • Religion 

  • Religiosity 

  • Religion by Region

  • Religiosity by Income


  • Political Persuasion 

  • Politics by Religion

  • Political Party

National Politics

  • National Issues

  • Attendance at Protests

  • 2020 Presidential Vote

Harvard Issues

  • Campus Issues

  • Concern About Free Speech

  • Concern About Sexual Assault

  • Concern About Sexual Assault by Gender


  • Sexual Activity

  • Sexual Activity by Gender

  • Age of First Sexual Activity

  • Sexual Partners


  • Alcohol Drinkers

  • Marijuana Users

  • Fake IDs

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Counseling


  • Computers

  • Type of Phone

  • Facebook Usage

  • Twitter Usage

  • Snapchat Usage

  • Instagram Usage 

  • TikTok Usage

  • YouTube Usage

  • LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn by Post-Graduate Plans