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Makeup of the Class

The Crimson's survey of roughly 76 percent of incoming freshmen in Harvard College's Class of 2024 asked them about their backgrounds and expectations for life on campus.

Read Part I of The Crimson's three-part series on the freshman survey here.


  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

  • Athletics

  • Recruited Athletes by Family Income

  • Sexuality

  • Birth Order

  • Secondary School

  • Legacy by Community

  • Legacy by Family Income

  • Legacy

  • Legacy by Secondary School

  • Age

  • First Generation Students

  • First Generation Student Ethnicity

  • Financial Aid vs. Community

  • First Generation Students' Family Income


  • Demograhics

  • Community Type

College Costs

  • Harvard Financial Aid Recipients

  • Private Admissions Counseling by Income Bracket

College Acceptances

  • Was Harvard Your Top Choice?