Meet the Class of



The Crimson’s survey of more than 76 percent of incoming freshmen in Harvard College’s Class of 2024 asked them about their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and opinions of Harvard’s response to it.

Coronavirus Results

  • Positivity Rate

  • Positivity vs Community

  • Household

  • Cheating by Gender


  • On Campus

  • Off Campus

  • Opinion on Admin Decisions

  • Approval of Tuition vs Income

  • Personal Compliance

  • Peer Compliance

  • Likelihood to Inform

  • Likelihood to Inform vs Number of Close Contacts

Pandemic Impact and Behavior

  • Household Job Loss and Furlough

  • Job Loss vs Income

  • Personal Loss

  • Personal Loss vs Community

  • Personal Loss vs Ethnicity

  • Number of Close Contacts

  • Travel

  • Reasons for Travel

  • Mask Compliance