Academics and Extracurriculars

By Jessica M. Wang and Brian P. Yu

The Crimson's survey of more than 50 percent of incoming freshmen in Harvard College’s Class of 2021 asked them about their academic and extracurricular life in high school and their expectations of life in the classroom in college. Read Part II of The Crimson's three-part series on the freshman survey here.


  • Cheating on an Exam

  • Cheating on a Paper or Take-Home Assignment

  • Homework or Problem Sets

  • Cheating by Type of High School

  • Cheating by Recruit Status

  • Recruit Cheating Breakdown

  • Cheating by Gender

In High School

  • Study Hours

  • Study Hours by School Type

  • Math Level

  • Sources of Pressure

  • High School Extracurriculars

  • Participation in High School Athletics by Income

  • High School Extracurricular Leadership

  • Belief in Power of Student Government

At Harvard

  • Anticipated College Study Hours

  • Anticipated College Priorities

  • Anticipated Secondaries and Language Citations

  • Anticipated Concentrations

  • Frats, Sororities, and Final Clubs

  • Frats, Sororities, and Final Clubs by School Type


  • Athletes at Harvard

  • Likelihood of Playing All Four Years

  • Athletics and Concussions

  • Preferences for Economics by Athletics