The Graduating
Class of


by the numbers

Final Clubs & Campus Politics

By Madeline R. Conway and Steven S. Lee

In the Class of 2016’s time at Harvard, the College’s unrecognized final clubs faced unprecedented scrutiny from Harvard administrators who pushed the eight historically male groups to admit women.

Read Part V of The Crimson's six-part series on the senior survey here.

Harvard Institutions

  • How do you view the following?

Final Clubs

  • Are you or have you been a member of the following organizations while at Harvard?

  • How do you view Rakesh Khurana?

  • How do you view final clubs?

  • Do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of Harvard’s recent efforts to pressure male final clubs to go co-ed?

    The Crimson released its survey of the senior class the day before Harvard announced a new policy that will penalize members of unrecognized single-sex social organizations.

  • Should Harvard introduce a policy prohibiting students from joining a single-sex final club as a condition of enrollment in the College?

Race Relations & Affirmative Action

  • Do you agree or disagree with Harvard College’s decision to change the administrative title of “House master” to “faculty dean?”

  • Some buildings on Harvard’s campus are named after historical figures who were also slave owners. Should Harvard rename these buildings?

  • How do you view race-based affirmative action?

“Free Harvard”

  • Should Harvard make College attendance tuition-free?


  • Should Harvard divest from fossil fuels?

Mental Health

  • During your time at Harvard, have you sought mental health support from…?

Sexual Assault

  • Do you know anyone who was sexually assaulted while at Harvard?

  • How do you view Harvard’s sexual assault policies and procedures?

  • How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with Harvard’s efforts to prevent sexual assault?

Harvard Initiatives

  • How do you view House renewal?

  • How do you view the honor code?

Grading Harvard

  • Would you choose Harvard again?