The Graduating
Class of


by the numbers

Academics and Extracurriculars

By Steven S. Lee

How undergraduates allocate their time across academic, social, extracurricular, and House-related activities has been an important point of discussion among students and administrators during the Class of 2016’s time at Harvard. While administrators have sought to recenter undergraduate life to the Houses through its $1 billion House renewal project, the number of extracurricular organizations has continued to grow. And students continue to report that extracurriculars are among the most important aspects of their Harvard experience.

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Importance to Harvard Life

  • How important were the following?


  • What was your concentration?

    This sums to 105.5% due to joint concentrations spanning more than one category.

  • What was the primary reason you chose your concentration?

  • Was academic interest the primary reason you chose your concentration?

  • Were you satisfied with your concentration?

  • What is your GPA?

    Note: Not all survey respondents reported their GPA.

  • What is your GPA?

  • Have you ever cheated in an academic context while at Harvard?

Life Outside the Classroom

  • Have you participated in varsity athletics?

  • Recruited to play varsity athletics?

  • How important were the following to your social life?

  • How satisfied were you with your living arrangements?