Photo credit: Annie E. Schugart
Beliefs and Lifestyle

By Shubhanker Chhokra and Pradeep Niroula

The Crimson's survey of more than 70 percent of incoming freshmen in Harvard College’s Class of 2020 asked them about lifestyles and beliefs. Read Part III of The Crimson's three-part series on the freshman survey here.


  • Religion

  • Religiosity

  • Religion by Region

  • Religiosity by Income

  • Religion by Ethnicity

  • Religiosity by Religion


  • Political Persuasion

  • Politics by Region

  • Politics by Religion

  • Politics by Parents' Income

  • Politics by Sexual Orientation

  • Politics by Ethnicity

  • Fossil Fuel Divestment at Harvard

Election 2016

  • Presidential Candidates

  • Presidential Candidate by Party

  • Candidate by Ethnicity

  • Candidate by Religion

  • Candidate favorability


  • Sexual Activity

  • Sexual Activity by Gender

  • Sexual Activity by Social Club Interest

  • Sexual Activity by Gap Year Status

  • Age of First Sexual Activity Among Non-Virgins

  • Sexual Partners

  • Sexual Activity by Religion

  • Sexual Activity by Recruitment Status

  • Sexual Activity by Sexuality

  • Consideration towards Harvard's Sexual Assault Policy

    About 12 percent of male respondents, 32 percent of female respondents and 33 percent of respondents who identify differently reported that they took into consideration the culture and policies surrounding sexual assault at Harvard.

  • Worry about Sexual Assault at Harvard

    76.4 percent of female respondents said that they worry about sexual assault at Harvard. Similarly, 14 percent of male respondents have the same worry.


  • Alcohol Drinkers

  • Marijuana Users

  • Hard Drug Users

  • Fake IDs

  • Fake IDs by Type of Community

  • Drug Use by Gender

  • Drug Use by Type of School

  • Drug Use by Recruitment Status

  • Drinkers by Religion

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Mental Health Counseling by Parents' Income

  • Mental Health Counseling by Sexuality


  • Computers

  • Cell Phones

  • Mac Ownership by Parents' Income

  • iPhone Ownership by Parents' Income

  • Facebook Usage

  • Twitter Usage

  • Snapchat Usage

  • Instagram Usage