Academics and Extracurriculars

By David Freed and Idrees Kahloon

Part II of The Crimson's survey of the Class of 2019 takes an in-depth look at the academic and extracurricular experiences and plans of the incoming freshmen. About one in eight survey respondents were recruited to play a varsity sport while in Cambridge, while about one in 12 took a gap year between high school and college to pursue paid or volunteer work, travel, or other activities. More than 40 percent of respondents indicated some level of interest in joining a final club, fraternity, or sorority when they arrive on campus. They have plans for the classroom, too; like their upperclassman peers, many surveyed freshmen reported plans to study government or economics in college, and a small group said the College's new concentration in Theater, Dance, and Media influenced their decision to matriculate.

Read Part II of The Crimson's three-part series on the freshman survey here.


  • Cheating on an Exam

  • Cheating on a Paper or Take-Home Assignment

  • Homework or Problem Sets

  • Cheating by Type of High School

  • Cheating by Recruit Status

  • Recruit Cheating Breakdown

  • Cheating by Gender

In High School

  • Study Hours

  • Study Hours by School Type

  • Math Level

  • Sources of Pressure

  • High School Extracurriculars

  • Participation in High School Athletics by Income

  • High School Extracurricular Leadership

  • Belief in Power of Student Government

At Harvard

  • Anticipated College Study Hours

  • Anticipated College Priorities

  • Anticipated Secondaries and Language Citations

  • Anticipated Concentrations

  • Frats, Sororities, and Final Clubs

  • Frats, Sororities, and Final Clubs by School Type


  • Athletes at Harvard

  • Likelihood of Playing All Four Years

  • Athletics and Concussions

  • Preferences for Economics by Athletics