Kennedy F. Q. Edmonds
Kennedy is a freshman from New York, N.Y., who now lives in Thayer. He’s always wanted to tell someone he does car commercials…in Japan.
New York, N.Y.
Ideal date: Skydiving/Karaoke Bar.
Worst thing about Harvard: Shake Shack’s closing time.
Favorite book/author: Jurassic Park.
Describe yourself in three words: Australian Malaysian Groovy.
Guilty pleasure: Freshman Formal.
Role Models: Kanye West, Ash Ketchum, Nelson Mandela.
What you look for in a girl/guy: Rejection of gender binary.
Something you’ve always wanted to tell someone: I do car commercials…in Japan.
In 15 minutes you are: Cute.
In 15 years you are: Sexy.